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Flat Rate Charges:

Operating System Installation:

Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, or Windows XP/Vista/7. Install on newly formatted hard drive or upgrade from previous version. $90.00 (Labor only. Notebooks add $45.00)

Customized System Built From Scratch:

Cost is per computer. Labor only. All parts and software additional. $100.00 (This charge usually covers 99.9% of all configurations. If your desired system is extremely complicated, we'll let you know up front about any additional labor charges)

Mass Storage Installation:

Adds a hard drive, CD-ROM, tape drive , optical drive ,scanner or a printer. $55.00

Virus Scan / Clean:

Clean and remove all viruses from system. Install Anti-Virus software . Perform entire system scan to verify removal of all viruses after installation. Additional regular hourly rate charges shall apply if required to re-install an operating system and/or other programs damaged as a result of virus attack. $95.00

System Tune-Up:

This procedure will remove unnecessary files cluttering hard drive, reorganize data on hard drive making it more efficient, remove programs no longer needed, optimize memory usage by eliminating unneeded programs loading at start-up , and proper editing of the configuration files to eliminate error messages during the boot process.
$75.00 per unit.

Hourly Rate Charges: (ask for Company or Networks rates)

For services such as consulting, networking, training, troubleshooting, etc., and other services not specifically listed as a "flat rate" charge.

$85.00-$100.00 an hour 8:00AM-5:00PM

$95.00-$150.00 an hour 5:00PM-9:00PM

Network setup, maintenance, and repair.
Computer setup, maintenance, and repair.
Printer setup, maintenance, and repair.
Web design services.
Data backup systems and recovery.
Spyware and virus removal and prevention.
General help-desk support.